Content Creation

I have a YouTube channel, Freshly Brewed Iced Coffee, that talking about casual coffee culture and gaming experience. Although the content is mostly for personal hobbies, sometime I will also talk about the user experience aspect related to those two fields.

I starting create a podcast content in March 2020. Currently, I irregularly publishing podcast content in two channels: Ilkomerz Talk and Indonesia ACM SIGCHI Chapter podcast. In Ilkomerz Talks, I invite my former students to talks about many things related to a recent trend in the industry and soft skills, while on my other channel I mainly talk about human-computer interaction. In both channels, I speak in the Indonesian language. The episode that I host are:

Ilkomerz Talks:

Indonesia ACM SIGCHI Chapter Podcast:

The software and tools I create the podcast are Anchor.FM, Zoom, Google Meet, Boya MM1, Sennheiser HD100, and Macbook Pro.