Paper Nano: Sagrada Familia

Paper Nano: Sagrada Familia

In this holiday, I finally able to open a miniature kit that I bought in Hong Kong last month, Paper Nano of Sagrada Familia. This is basically a paper miniature (most commonly called papercraft) of Sagrada Familia in Spain. The manufacturer is Kawada, the same company that made Nano Blocks series.

The contents of Sagrada Familia

The contents

Created with a concept of small sized-miniature papercraft, the Paper Nano comes with several “runner” made of thin cardboard.They are printed in different colour and partially cutted so it can be separated easily. The dotted line also available to helps you fold the paper parts. Some small parts are really hard to fold so some patiance, and good eyes, are needed. To create the building, you just need a glue (I used Fox glue) and some pinset.Proceed carefully as the paper are thin and easier to break than plastic material.

The completed model of Sagrada Familia

The completed model

I just realized that I forgot to took a work-in-progress pictures. Well, It took less than an hour to assembled the building and some more time to let the glue dry. I used Fox glue as they will become transparent when dry, makes your work looks cleaner. You basically just glue and fold the paper. Many parts must be stacked to makes a thick portion of the building and to make color variation.

The silhouette of tourist available in the package of paper nano Sagrada Familia

The silhouette of tourist available in the package

A nice feature of this kit, a silhouette of tourist that took a pictures. I should bought other of this Paper Nano but my budget is dreadfully limited now. If you wondering, this kit is very small, only 12 cm in height. Pretty fun and easy build, with awesome finish!