I am currently have a role in the following research projects:

Research in Computer Vision to Support Integrated Pest Management

IPM-Online is a research project that aims to support integrated pest management in Indonesia with computer technologies. This is a joint projects between Computer Science Department and Plant Protection Department and funded by Directorate General of Higher Education from 2012-2014.   In 2015, the research continue to paddy disease monitoring using unmanned quadcopter. It is done by three student under supervision of Dr. Yeni Herdiyeni and also collaborate with Prof. Aunu Rauf from Plant Protection Department and Saga University.research

IPB Biodiversity Informatics

IPBiotics research projects aims as a knowledge management platform to manage the knowledge of biodiversity in Indonesia, from species level to ecosystem level. We also enhance the system with an algorithm to explore, analyze, synthesize, and visualize the biodiversity data. A computer vision techniques are also used to identify the medicinal plant species based on texture and shape features. We also establish a link to Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) to enrich the IPBiotics with taxonomy and others information from around the world. This projects is funded by Directorate General of Higher Education from 2013-2016. This is a joint projects with various faculty and researcher in IPB an other collaborators from another countries (Japan, America, France). More information about IPBiotics project can be found in Dr. Herdiyeni’s presentation in SEAIP 2014.

My role in this project is as a system analyst and currently I focused on visualization of biodiversity data using augmented reality.

Augmented Reality Application to Enhance Insects Museum Experience

In this projects, we aims to enhance the experience of IPB Insects Museum using augmented reality. The project is started in February 2015 with two of my students.