Students participate in OSN Pertamina, 2014

In Computer Science Department, I do some lectures in several courses, mainly in practicum.

Lectures in Undergraduate Courses

  1. Computer Graphics
  2. Introduction to Digital Image Processing
  3. Human-Computer Interaction [LMS]
  4. Algorithm Analysis
  5. Algorithm and Programming [Learning Center]
  6. Data Structure
  7. Object Oriented System Development [LMS]

Lectures in Graduate Courses

  1. Multimedia Technology for Library

Other Activities in Campus

  1. Editor in Jurnal Ilmu Komputer dan Agri-Informatika.
  2. Committee in International Workshop : Linking Agricultural Practices and Computer Vision Technology.
  3. Committee in Seminar dan Rapat Nasional Bidang MIPA (SEMIRATA 2014).
  4. Participant in 2012 International Partnership Program in Saga University. Special Lecture on Sensing Systems: Patter Recognitions and Understanding.
  5. Judge in IPB Programming Competition 2014 as a part of National Science Party 2014.
  6. Participant in 2014 International Partnership Program in Saga University. Pattern Recognition Methods for Remotely Sensed Image Data.