My Photography - The Reptile eyes contains the whole world


Photography is my hobby since I am in university. I first using a pocket camera then using a smartphone camera. I used Samsung Galaxy Gio and Lumia 620. Both are broken now. Currently I used Canon EOS 550D as my primary gear. I also uses 35-135 lens and 60mm macro lens. My favorite objects of photography are the small details in nature (plants and insects). The following gallery is some of my photography results.

Miniature World

I also collecting miniatures and various small objects that has a nice details on it. I usually photographs them to so they look alive. There are various objects in my collection, starting from 1/2000 battleship and aircraft carrier miniature from World War II, small creatures like rabbits, and robots. The detail of these objects are best captured using macro lens.


I am an avid reader since childhood. I used to read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy novel (preferably in English). However, I mainly read a scientific journals and reference book now.  I have a Goodreads account, but I have a little time to update it regularly. Please see the books I recommended there.